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"BLEEDING UTOPIA is no doubt a major Swedish hope on the international death metal scene.

Well worth checking out for anyone who wants their death metal tasty! "Darkest Potency” is gourmet in its finest form."



”’s only openly to admit that they are one of Sweden's clearly strongest names in the melodic death metal in the current situation.

Or in the metal at all, maybe I should say."



”Sweden's Bleeding Utopia brought with them some insanely magic stuff…Their dark and deadly delivery of gems like 'Into Pieces' and 'This Is Where We Die' really lit up the night in a most unexpected way for me and I walked away later thinking that they were, headliners aside, THE band of the night.”

Review from Plymoth UK on the Broken Hope tour.



9/10 , Pest Webzine

4/5 , The Metal Crypt

9/10 ,

8.5/10 ,

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